TUOMAS + SALLI // Jyväskylä Wedding Photos

It's both an honour and a struggle when friends ask if I will photograph their wedding. I want nothing more than to be the one to tell their story, yet I've learned that if I am photographing a wedding it is impossible to also be a guest. However, for these two I was able to take their portraits and a few details of their lovely decorations at the Majakoski estate in Jyväskyla.

The snow poured down the day before to give us this beautiful white blanket backdrop and Salli's dress seems to just disappear into it. It was such an hour being able to take the portraits from this day.

MARISA + MIKAEL // Tampere Pregnancy Photos

Truthfully, there's probably a hundred reasons why I love to photograph this family. But on this particular occasion, Marisa stole my heart when she showed up to our freezing cold winter pregnancy session with a thigh-high slit dress and told me she had picked the incredible Wääksyn Kartano estate ruins for a location. This is the stuff my dreams are made of.  :P

I am so excited to to meet their baby girl and watch this amazing family grow.

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Let’s be really for a minute, okay? Wedding photography is expensive. Ya, I know it. And I know there are so many newly engaged brides searching out their perfect photographer only to be left in complete shock when they see that photographer’s prices.

But I really, truly believe that photography is the most important investment to make for your wedding. I know I probably seem super biased in saying that, but let’s think about it for a minute. Your day will fly by so fast, the cake will be eaten, your guests will go home, and all of the details you’ve spent months preparing will be taken down. And over time, your memories of that perfect day when you stood up and said "forever” to your person will begin to fade, and you will be left with photographs.

Maybe your uncle has a nice camera. Maybe you know a friend willing to do it on the cheap. But the difference between a hobbyist and professional is all the detail. The little moments and emotions that they are trained to look for. The experience in fast-paced events and the ability to be one-step ahead of the schedule. The knowledge of a wide range of lighting conditions. Anticipating moments, and knowing where to be looking and when. 

You want to look back at your wedding photos and feel all of it all over again. And that is exactly what you need to be searching for in a wedding photographer. I truly believe that it is possible to find a photographer who is a good match for you at all difference price points. And I am by no means advocating you spend beyond your means just to have “the best” photographer you can find. What I am saying, is when making your budget, keep in mind the importance of your memories. And find someone you absolutely trust to capture them for you.

With all of that said, here are a few quick tips on finding your perfect-match photographer.

Start early!

Many photographers start booking weddings a year or more in advance. Don’t leave this until a few months before your big day, or you may struggle to find a photographer you love who’s available.

Find a photographer who’s style resonates with you.

This should be a gut reaction. You’ll know right away if a photographer’s perspective, storytelling, and editing style are right for you. It’s a great big “yes” in your heart to the way that photographer’s images make you feel. If you don’t feel that way looking at that photographer’s work, move on. You’ll find one that’s right for you.

See a few full wedding collections.

Any photographer can take a few of their best images and put them on their front page, but you’ll want to do a bit of deeper digging to find collections of photos from an entire wedding day. Look at how they capture details, find different perspectives, and catch quick moments. If you’re hiring a photographer for an entire day, you want to be sure that you love more than just their portraits. Try looking in the ‘blog’ section of their website, this is often where larger sets are shared. If you love a photographer’s work but can’t seem to find a full-day set on their website, ask for one! 

Choose a photographer you get along with.

I am a huge advocate for meeting your photographer before you hire them. You will be spending more time with your photographer during your wedding day than you will with any of your guests. Depending on the amount of coverage you’re looking to have, your photographer will be with from your morning preparations until you leave in the evening. You really don’t want to end up spending your wedding day with someone you don’t really like. 

Look for a package that suits your needs.

You know best what moments of your day are most important to you, and how much your budget will get you. Many photographers have different packages to choose from to suit your needs, so look for a photographer who is offering what you need, or can be flexible to accommodate that. 

Now the search for your perfect photographer is on. It may seem like a pretty big job, but trust me it is so worth it.

Ready, set, go!

LACEY + DEVIN // Kingston Couple's Session

I truly believe that nowhere in the world does October quite like Ontario. I'm so in love with the rich, deep colours, that perfect fall temperature, and a little wind that's perfect for pulling someone close. I got to meet up with Lacey and Devin at Lemoine Point park in Kingston on a perfect October evening to watch the sun set. These two were so much fun to photograph and I am so in love with how these photos turned out!

RIINA + JARNO // Tampere Wedding

Riina + Jarno's wedding day was one that reminds me why I love my job –  a couple who look at each other like THAT, a couple who you laugh and joke with and think maybe we should be friends, a couple who kept everything simple and their love took the spotlight. It was an honour to photography this wedding, and I have the most amazing clients.